“Sinners” or “Saints?”

By Pastor Morris Pruit on June 27, 2016 0 Comments

For years, like forty or so, I would hear people say, “I am just a poor sinner saved by grace.” That statement never rang true and accurate. I think I know what they were trying to say! Perhaps, “I was a poor, wretched sinner an... Read more »

March For The Master

Posted on March 15, 2016 0 Comments

1. LET’S PRAY 2. PCCC Booth at the County Fair 512 S. Eleven Mile Corner Road 3. Wednesday March 16th Sunday March 20th 4. Evangelist / Singer / Preacher Ray Perryman 5. John & the band 6. City of Casa Grande 7. Individuals 8. Lost to b... Read more »

Hammer, Nails, Timber

By Pastor Morris Pruit on June 01, 2015 0 Comments

It happens every year around Easter. It happens every time another movie about Jesus is produced. It is happening now with the advent of Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion of The Christ. There is a certain amount of emotional confusion about WHO IS ... Read more »


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